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Common Topics

Billing & Profit Strategies

  • The 5 Mistakes You’re Making That Are Costing Your Design Business Money
  • Time Billing Versus Design Fee- What billing model is best for you?
  • How to Set Up Your Design Business for Profit

Attract Higher Echelon Clientele

  • Time Billing Versus Design Fee- What billing model is best for you?
  • Luxury Marketing is NOT Marketing – It’s Attraction and Affiliation
  • 9 Steps to Becoming a Luxury Brand

Business Strategy & Overview

  • Secrets of Top Luxury Interior Designers
  • The 7 Principals of Leadership for Principal Interior Designers
  • The New Age of Interior Design – How the evolution of the design business will transform the way interior designers do business over the next 5 years

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If you are looking for someone to contribute to your next event in a lasting and meaningful way, Julia Molloy would be happy to speak to you about crafting a presentation for your audience and event.


"Julia is an exceptional moderator! Everyone was raving and kept telling us how she should moderate all of our events."
Michael Bauer, Dallas Market Center
"Julia packed the house with standing room only! Her presentation was incredible, she kept everyone so engaged with her energy. Everyone kept thanking us for the valuable information Julia presented. Couldn't be happier!"
Lynne, Alden Parks Showroom
"We are adding 'Julia has to be moderator' to our rider lol! She's simply the best!"
Jeremy and Jason, Bauer Clifton Interiors
Julia did an amazing job. Great presentation today! Her energy is so fun and she really knows how to engage the audience. A true talent!
Greg, Showroom Manager at Palecek