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To facilitate the Principal Designers’ ability to run their firm at a higher level operationally and better position themselves as a luxury provider in the interior design industry.

A note from Julia

I believe design is one of the most powerful mediums for transforming our planet. You have such a profound impact on our world and on the lives you touch. It is a very special calling. We are all given a gift. My gift is the ability to help you tap into your potential, your gift. I believe that when you take your business to the next level, it has a ripple effect on your whole life. I will help you reach your potential and teach you how to use your business as a vehicle for wealth, expression and fulfillment. I have worked with hundreds of firms of every type, large and small, complex and simple models and because of this I have a very broad frame of reference. I understand where you are on the spectrum of similar firms and I intuitively see very clearly your growth trajectory. I will push you and will always tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.

With a background in graphic design and business operations, I transitioned from the role of VP of Operations in high-tech to running the office for a luxury design firm in Beverly Hills almost 15 years ago and have developed a deep understanding of what it takes to excel in this business sector.

It is my great honor to serve you, to help you develop and expand your business. I have developed a host of programs to address all types of design firms and models directly. Whether your challenge lies in attracting more of the right clients or in handling the workload with greater ease, efficiency and eloquence. I understand the nuances of your firm, your clients, your team and your own skillset, and I am able to help you in a way that no one else can. If you are ready for the shift in your business and in yourself, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Be Bold!

~ Julia Molloy

About Julia

Julia Molloy is the foremost business expert for the interior design industry. She has over 2 decades of operations experience, 15 of them in the design field and has a wealth of knowledge from the interior design, graphic design, operations and technology sectors. She is a sought after speaker, a Business of Design faculty member, on the Better Practices Network board of advisors, has been a continued education instructor to the faculty at New York School of Interior Design and a member of ASID. Molloy has also chaired the ASID Student Affairs Committee and the board of advisors for the Art Institute – Interior Design program.

Julia Molloy is the ‘special sauce’ and the silent strength behind some of the most successful design firms, large and small, around the world. She has become the most trusted source for business tools and systems for Principal Interior Designers to propel their businesses forward. Among Molloy’s accomplishments are building a small company from its early stages into a mature organization that was then sold for over $65 million, as well as spearheading its operations in Los Angeles and London. She then went on to run operations for a prestigious Beverly Hills interior design firm for several years before launching her own interior design business consulting firm. Her firm now has an elite list of clientele globally and brings a distinctive knowledge base to the interior design industry.

Julia Molloy is also the founder of the renowned BOLD Summit – Business of Luxury Design Summit. This event focuses on the special business needs unique to firms positioned in the luxury market and is a powerful catalyst for luxury focused interior designers and architects around the world. In pursuing her mission to advance the industry, each year she galvanizes the world’s leaders in luxury design to share their wisdom and advice. The BOLD Summit continues to be a driving force for enriching lives and propelling excellence in the design community around the globe.

When she is not pulling together the next BOLD Summit, she is busy speaking to audiences around the world or working with her clients on-site or from her office in Portland, Oregon.

Julia has proven to be a tremendous asset in the development of my firm. We are now growing smart, with solid foundations and systems in place so things are done the correct way.
I am happy to tell our clients about Julia Molloy and her team at Julia Molloy. She has developed some ground-breaking programs and products that help Interior Design firms move to the next level.
Thank you, Julia so much for working with us as my firm continues to grow. I appreciate your graciousness considering our limited budget in sharing your priceless guidance and counsel! We love our new company name and brand! You did a phenomenal job. The business has responded really well to the more authentic look and your ideas on the new name launch were amazing!
Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your time yesterday. You gave me so much insight, and I'm super excited to implement all of it. I've learned so much since starting my membership with your company this past summer--best decision ever!
Jennifer Muirhead | Jennifer Muirhead Interiors
I just wanted to check in to let you know that I’ve been thinking of you with appreciation. For the past month or so, I’ve been enjoying Kathy Greeley’s table top book and I know how instrumental you were in bringing that project to life for her. She is a friend of mine and a wonderful person and I can feel her authenticity and joy as I read through the pages. When I do, I think that you were a blessing to her in that venture and hopefully you know how important and life-changing your work is. Similarly, I have a great appreciation for the impact you’ve made on my firm. I am not one who trusts easily, but it is clear that you have your sights on “greatness” for all of your clients and that is palpable. In the time that I’ve worked with you, my company has improved and is still improving its external appearance and internal processes. My new company aura combined with your process and branding recommendations makes me feel very excited about the future. Please share with your staff that the work they do is impactful and significant. This is one designer who is very grateful.
Lorna Gross | Lorna Gross Interior Design