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Are you feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and exhausted?

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It's not just YOU! Interior Design is one of the most complex businesses to run successfully.

Don’t let the joy and creative drive keep you from reaching your business goals. When you implement well-conceived structure and systems into your business there is no limit to what you can achieve.

How your office is currently running:

Everyone in the office is doing a little of everything.

Following up on everything is constantly challenging.

Having to reply and repeat yourself while you pull information from everyone.

Fighting fires has become totally unmanageable.

You don’t know what to expect when you enter the office each day.

Everyone feels the weight and pressure, leading to mental and physical depletion.

You are working WAY to hard for the money that is left at the end of the day.

How you want your office to function:

Everyone has ownership and is proactive to tasks and clients’ progress.

Your team has set roles and is completely in sync.

You are in control and are able to manage and maintain a healthy work environment.

Your entire team is able to concentrate and focus on exceptional design work.

You have renewed energy and enjoy going to work each day.

You are able to unlock your future and focus on ways to grow your business.

Julia Molloy

Hi, I’m Julia Molloy

I’ve been helping designers reach their potential for almost 20 years. I am able to take design businesses from “struggling” to “empowered and profitable.”

In less than two months with my streamlined course you’ll be able to walk into your office feeling in control and empowered.

You’ll end up feeling completely in control, having gained the confidence to manage your design business and allowing you space to achieve a greater level of success.

Once you take the first steps towards streamlining your business you can manage your team and have confidence when delegating tasks.
As an added bonus to my 6 Weeks to Streamlined course you'll have exclusive access to my private Facebook group. I'll be there to help and support you and you'll be able to collaborate, connect and learn from other course members.
This is why I created the course - to help design firms to unlock their true potential by implementing simple and useful techniques. Click the button to preview the course topics and check out each weeks lessons.

Check out these videos from the course:

Week 4 Introduction

The Master Project Timeline