Business Blueprint



The Business Blueprint provides best practices on all aspects of your design business, facilitates the streamlining of operations, accelerates employee training, contributes to higher profit margins, provides the template for running your business efficiently, scaling your firm and facilitates true luxury level service. 

The Business Blueprint is best suited for a firm that is, or planning to be a team of 2-7. The methods, best practices, training's and ongoing support provided in this program will shave 3-5 years off the growth curve of a design firm that does procurement. It historically has increased capacity and workflow efficiency by 35% to 45%.  It is the fastest way to mature the processes and company structure of your firm.


  1. The full 250+ page Operations Manual digital file and printed manual
  2. Executive Manual to help you build a strategic team and fine tune processes: 90+ documents
  3. All materials are customized to your brand
  4. 10 + hours of Training Videos 
  5. 3 hours of personal “Ask me Anything” consultation & with Julia Molloy
  6. Unlimited email Q&A and guidance as you are absorbing and implementing the methods
  7. Exclusive access to Julia Molloy on an hourly basis for ongoing guidance after included time is used


You will receive the materials for running an efficient business. These will include:

  1. New Client Set-Up
  2. Project Set-up Method
  3. Project Workflow Methods
  4. Team Synchronization Method
  5. Hiring & Training Docs for All Roles
  6. Monthly and Weekly Rhythm Office Rhythm
  7. Time Tracking and Billing Processes
  8. Organizing all Docs and Project Materials
  9. Understanding Crucial Reports 
  10.  95+ Contracts, Spreadsheets and Biz Tools

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