Navigating Interior Design Business Development: Expansion

Hierarchy of Needs The Team
Navigating Interior Design Business Development


The final section and the pinnacle of the pyramid is growth. That can take many different forms, from better aligned and profitable clients, to expanded demographics or product lines and new revenue streams. As you hit this focus and make any adjustments, know that this is a cycle. That means that any changes you make at the growth strategy stage, will need to be carried down to the bottom so that your foundation, team and biz development layers can adjust to support the updated vision.

  • Marketing and Outreach Plan
  • Online Presence / Site / Social Media Outreach Plan
  • Publication Outreach Plan
  • Photography Plan
  • Brand Extension Plan
  • Passive Income Plan (if applicable)
  • Exit Strategy Established

I know this seems like a lot to tackle, and it is, but you are doing all of this already in some form. Using this Hierarchy of Needs will help you to figure out where you are in your process and what you need to do next. Keep in mind that this is a continual process, meaning you may cover each of these sections on a cursory level, stabilize then go through them again and develop each section more fully. Then stabilize and do it again. It’s a bit like life, we go through one layer of development at a time.

This is a perfect time for all of us to look at our businesses in a new way. Let’s move forward unafraid to reinvent and reorganize. If there was ever a year to do that, it is now! So have fresh eyes, be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to really stretch yourself to dream a more fulfilling dream. You got this and if you want help building your business please reach out. I’d love to talk with you.


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