Navigating Interior Design Business Development: Positioning

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Navigating Interior Design Business Development



This is usually everyone’s favorite area of business development. Crafting and refining the experience you bring your clients through is paramount. It needs to be on brand and sync up with the promise of your firm and your brand anchors. The key is to answer the needs of your clients at each juncture and do it in a branded way.

  • New Client Welcome Package
  • New Client “What to Expect” Document
  • Milestone Gifting Procedure
  • Onsite Code of Conduct
  • In Office Client Meeting Code of Conduct
  • In Office Client Meeting Experience Protocol
  • Signature Snack
  • Client Referral Method
  • Client Weekly Update Method
  • Installation Protocol
  • Post Project Protocol
  • Post Project Survey
  • Past Client Outreach Program
  • VIP Binder with Preferences/Birthdays/Gifting Information/Etc.

You had a strategy at the beginning when you started, but by this phase in your growth, you will need to reassess and refine. You have more distinctions now, more knowledge and more resources to expand upon what you’ve built thus far. Regardless of how far along the growth curve you are, you will need a strategy check in every year to stay on track.

  • 2-5 Advisors Selected for Annual Strategy Session
  • Clarity on Business Objectives and Timeline with Action Items
  • List of Assets
  • List of Weaknesses
  • Development Plan
  • List of Opportunities
  • Clear Growth Trajectory
  • Actions Needed to Achieve Milestones

You of course, have been doing some form of marketing all along, even if its just been social media, but the outreach portion of your business takes on a new kind of focus as the engine of your business begins to coast and your strategy includes some version of a brand expansion. Your marketing approach will need to be adjusted and refined so they are more directly supporting your company mission and brand.

  • Congruency at All Points of Contact with Potential Clients
  • Social Media Outreach Plan
  • Website Conversions Plan (Viewer into Client)
  • SEO Plan
  • Referral Network Established & Plan of Action
  • Community Group & Client Attraction Plan
  • Online and Print Marketing Plans (if applicable)

We’re almost to the top! Next post I’ll be talking about expansion and growing your business.

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