BOLD Summit

Learn what’s new, what’s smart, and how to navigate your firm in the ever evolving Interior Design Industry
Turn Your Audience Into A Revenue Stream
Harness The Power Of Your Own Leadership Style

During this 2 day event hundreds of the world’s most talented and business savvy designers galvanize in an exclusive and powerful meeting of the minds to learn what’s new, what’s smart and how to navigate your firm over the next few years in this wildly evolving design industry.


What a brave, beautiful move you made and what a brilliant result! The BOLD Summit is special because the people who attend are in tune with the spiritual and wellness side of our industry. They’re asking big questions and looking for life changing answers. It goes way beyond dollars and cents, which is where I like to go as a designer.
Clodagh, Designer
I cannot believe how incredible BOLD Summit is. This group really is the best of the industry and the energy is something else. Never seen this kind of sharing and collaboration. The presentations are fantastic. It’s gorgeous. Everyone seems to be learning a lot. Just blown away. What an honor to be here.
Mario Buatta, Designer
The BOLD Summit was a wonderful experience. I took away such useful information and resources. One tool alone has helped cut back concept phase, back-and-forth with my clients in half. The BOLD Summit has definitely helped my office run more efficiently.
Louise MacDonald, Designer
The BOLD summit is the premier event for interior designers. It should not be missed! Julia brought in a star studded group to speak and interact with us. The energy was simply uplifting!
Patricia Rogers Julber, Designer
I am truly blown away by BOLD Summit! What an impressive conference. I must admit, I showed up a little smug and not sure I wanted to be there, but in 3 seconds flat I was hooked and eager to learn. You are inspirational and amazing. While I am not easily impressed, this ended up being the most informational conference I have ever attended!!!! Hats off and bravo to you! When I returned to my office with 5 keys and 18 gems, I began to tell my staff about this. I likened you to Oprah Winfrey. What she did for the entertainment business you are doing for the interior design business. What an accomplishment!
Kimberly Grigg, Designer

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