Day 1 – Get Organized with Julia Molloy

Are you ready to GET ORGANIZED?! Now is the time of the year when we refresh, reboot and realign your interior design business for the year ahead. To that end, I am walking you through a 20 day GET ORGANIZED program for your Interior Design Business! I invite you to take advantage of this complimentary 20 days to organized program. Just follow along each business day in February.

I am super jazzed about it. I am giving away 1 free interior design business tool with each day’s assignment. Today, we launch with the Design Firm Systems Checklist. I’ll be walking you through 20 of these . Check of off the items you already have and take advantage of my gift and info each day.

To download Day 1’s document, go to my shop right here on my website,  and follow along all month.

Watch the video above to get started. I’ll say a little hello and then walk you through the Design Firm Systems Checklist.

Let’s DO This!

Download the doc and enjoy!l see you tomorrow!

How many items on the Design Firm Systems Checklist do you already have checked off? LMK in the comments. See you tomorrow!


Julia Molloy