Day 2 – Get Organized – Let’s Talk Branding

Hi Everyone!

Are you ready to GET ORGANIZED?!

Hopefully you saw yesterday’s post and have downloaded and printed out the Day 1: Design Firm System’s Checklist. It will serve as our platform for the 20 day GET ORGANIZED  interior design business program.

Today, Day 2, we will begin at the beginning, which is your CORE.  Your Key Characteristics – the ‘WHY’ behind everything you do. It is what your interior design firm stands for, its VIBE and its MISSION. Everything you do is to be congruent and/or expressive of these characteristics. Not only every point of contact with your clients, but inward facing as well; your office, your processes, your desk trays and files, your library and so on.  Does your team eat lunch with plastic forks and drink tap water from paper cups? Does your office look like a tornado hit it on most days? (Yes, I know you are prepping for a big presentation tomorrow.) LOL!

Skinny jeans and t-shirts or pencil shirt and Prada, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is – ARE YOU ‘ON BRAND’. Do you embody luxury as a firm?

LUXURY COMES FROM THE INSIDE OUT!  You must BE luxury to effectively provide luxury.  And luxury isn’t some snooty, outdated, overpriced BS gimmick. It is anticipation of every need. It is functioning at such a high level, that you can address even the intangible needs of your clientele in a brilliant, branded and innovative way. It’s about being the best version of yourself possible.  To do that, you must start by clearly defining that brand identity in a tangible way. And to help us do this as interior design business owners, we enlist the help of a particular tool and method. THE KEY CHARACTERISTICS!

So, guess what I am gifting you today? You guessed it! My proprietary little method and tool, the Key Characteristics!  This simple worksheet will guide you through the process of defining your design firm’s brand anchors either for the first time, or as a revamp for the new year.  Download the Key Characteristics Worksheet here.  Fill it in over the weekend and continue with me on this journey on Monday.

Watch this video to hear what I have to say about your Key Characteristics and how to use it to navigate your interior design business.

So, you got this, my friends. Download the doc, watch the video, do some work on this and enjoy!l See you on Monday!

As I said, no 2 Key Characteristics are exactly the same. So interesting!

Tell me, what is the most unusual or unexpected characteristic on your list?

What other ways will you use your Key Characteristics in your design business? I’d love to hear!

Until next time, Be BOLD!

Julia Molloy

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